Intellipure Compact

Intellipure Compact

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This unit utilizes the same advanced, award winning and patented DFS technology. The Compact air purifier is designed for the home or small office use. At half the size of the 468 model, the compact delivers powerful results in reduction of airborne microorganisms, chemicals, offensive gases, orders and smoke

Benefits and Features:

  • Lightweight, perfect for bedroom small living area or office spaces.
  • Protects and filtrates approx. 500sq ft every 30 minutes
  • 6 stage VOC absorption filter for heavy removal of harmful gases and odors
  • Less dust and pet dander, pollen, dust mite waste, bacteria, mold and virus protection
  • Particle efficiency – 99.99 % @ .007 microns
  • Reduces bioburden and inhibits microorganism growth passing into the system
  • Each machine is independently tested and certified to guarantee better than HEPA efficiency

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