About Us

Bringing the complete and total pure air solutions and awareness to people everywhere across the states and creating a healthier indoor living environment has always been our mutual passion and the driving force of our existence.

Intellipure’s® patented proven DFS (Disinfecting Filtration System) technology is the most powerful air purification technology on the market that is proven to combat air borne particles. Purified disinfected clean air reduces and controls the 3 major classes of air contaminates listed by the EPS which include Particles (dust mites, pollen, pet dander, mold), Volatile Organic Compounds (paints, aerosol sprays, furniture, cleansers, nail polish), Microorganisms( fungi, bacteria and viruses).  The cutting edge DFS technology  is excellent for not only homes or offices but any various indoor environments that any human can occupy. This makes the air purification system the most efficient available.

Doing the Right Thing

Based in the USA

Opening Doors to Success

When Ameriwave Air Purification looks and plans for  the future, it will always remain true to its core values. These core values will never be compromised and we will always do the right thing for our customer. We believe in total transparency and open and honest dialogue no matter how difficult the situation is. Just Doing the Right Thing for All Parties Involved.

Ameriwave’s Air Purification Dedicated Support Teams are ready to service your every need. Whether you need sales support, technical questions, customer service or operational questions, we are here to service your every need.